Australia Street Infants School

Excellence in Early Childhood Education

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What we offer

What we offer

Why choose Australia Street Infants School? Here’s a taste of what you and your child will experience:

Access to early childhood education expertise

  • Exciting, play-based learning and social opportunities for children aged from 0 to 8-years-old through:
    • Preschool for 4-5-year-olds; 
    • ‘Big’ school from Kindergarten to grade 2; 
    • Playgroup and toy library for 0-4-year-olds 
    • Kindy Gym for 0-3-year-olds;  and
    • Occasional care, before and after school care and vacation care programs. 
  • A highly experienced, passionate, enthusiastic and caring team of early childhood education experts who know how to bring out the best in every child. 
  • Learning across the school curriculum through playing, exploring and experimenting.
  • A safe, nurturing and supportive environment solely for young children.
  • A small school, so every child benefits from personalised attention, learning and growth opportunities.
  • The right balance of learning foundational skills, such as reading, writing and maths, alongside learning how to problem-solve, collaborate, develop positive relationships and navigate the complexities of the world 

Growth opportunities to help little learners become wiser, smarter and stronger

  • Learning opportunities to challenge each child and to help them grow socially, emotionally and academically.
  • Access to learning support programs for students who might need some additional support, as well as opportunities to challenge and extend. 
  • A focus on health and fitness throughout the year through a range of sports including hockey, gymnastics, dance and soccer.
  • An opportunity to participate in performing arts through dance, music and drama. 
  • An opportunity to tread the boards, gain confidence and learn about teamwork through performing in the all-of-school play in Term 3.
  • Opportunities to learn outside the classroom including excursions to the NSW Art Gallery, the Botanic Gardens and the Field of Mars Reserve. 
  • After-school activities including guitar, violin and cello lessons; The Stringbeans ensemble for cello and violin; Chess Club; STEMgineers; and drama. 
  • Opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the playground at lunchtime clubs including gardening, choir, dance, Lego and recorder. 
  • Programs including Grow Your Mind, to equip our little people with the tools they need to learn how to regulate their emotions and to become resilient. 

A safe, supportive and creative learning environment

  • Innovative, air-conditioned learning spaces, equipped with smart boards and the latest technology, set up in ways that are conducive to learning and to fostering teamwork.
  •  A new, well-stocked library to enjoy some quiet time with a book, to let the imagination run wild and to explore worlds beyond the written word. 
  • Calm corners in classrooms where they can read, chill out and recharge.
  • ‘The Buddy Bench’ for those times before school and during lunch and recess when they might need some help to find a friend to play with.
  • Well-equipped playgrounds in the playgroup area, preschool and the ‘big’ school featuring all the favourites including monkey bars, sandpits, hammocks, trampolines, cubby houses, climbing hills and posts and swings.
  • Access to balls, hoops, Lego, toys and other games to encourage creative play during lunch and recess.
  • Nature spaces including the Gadigal Garden to explore and play in.

A welcoming and inclusive community for families and carers

  • Help for busy families through our occasional care, before and after school care and vacation care programs. 
  • Learning opportunities for parents through regular information sessions on child-related topics.
  • Opportunities to make new friends and connect with like-minded people at BBQs, morning teas and get togethers organised by the P&C.